Master Vision Cable Co.

Bringing Bloomfield Township into the digital future

See what's on TV in Bloomfield Township

    If you are reading this and you have a "mini dish" for your television needs, you are paying for 80 or more TV channels that you will NEVER watch a single bit of programming on!  Why pay the mini dish people, from Colorado, Texas or wherever they are from, your hard earned money for over a hundred channels when all you watch is 20 or so?  Master Vision has sifted through the myriad of possible television channels to bring you ONLY America's favorite channels for one low cost, NO contract, and NO bull price.  With Master Vision Cable you won't need a "box" on every television in the house.

NO hidden charges

NO credit card needed

NO phone line needed

NO outages during the rain

NO climbing on the roof all winter long to brush the snow from your dish

NO complicated bills

NO "chain of command" to go through to speak to a person about a specific billing or technical problem

NO equipment to upgrade later

NO paying for equipment repairs

and definitely NO quadrupling your monthly fee after the first year of a lengthy contract.

Cable Television is your BEST choice!

    I can't compare my service to ANY dish company because, with the mini dish people, once you bought's yours, there is NO service.  I can however compare my service to other cable, internet, and phone companies.  I won't leave you without cable service or internet service for the weekend, my service INCLUDES WEEKENDS!  Service calls are done according to your schedule, FREE.  You get top notch, personalized service when it's convenient for you.  When I come to your house or business to service your line you will be talking to the president, CEO, CFO, headend technician, line technician, programming manager, and a community minded local business owner.  My service is second to none.

    Keep your money local and deal with a locally owned and operated company......Master Vision.